Exit Signs

Led Fire Exit Signs - Acrylic Edge lit exit lights

Exit Signs in your building will help to reduce confusion & notify people of nearby exits. If you are looking for battery backup emergency lighting, you are in the right place!


 Acrylic LED Edge Lighting System

 Warranty for Acrylic LED Base is for 12 months from the date of billing.
 Warranty for Battery backup is for 6 months from the date of billing.
 Taxes extra as applicable.

One Battery backup
 Provides 3 hours backup lighting for an Acrylic Bases of 2 feet.
 Provides 1.5 hours backup lighting for an Acrylic Bases of 4 feet.
 2 (Two) battery backups are required to provide 3 hours backup lighting for an Acrylic Bases of up to 48 inches.

 Acrylic LED Base comes with either Battery Backup or Flashing. Both Battery Backup and Flashing are not feasible in one Acrylic Base.





Emergency Exit Light

Shape - Rectangular

Transparent Acrylic Panel with single  / double side option

Status LED indicator ( main /battery back backup)

Battery- power backup up to Backup 6 Hrs.

Led Display - 20 LED's (10 no. for Main and 10  no. for Backup)

Mounting Method - Wall / Ceiling Mounted Option

Power - 230 V AC / 12-24 V DC power supply options

Engraved  as per approved Pictographs

Surface Finishing - CRCA Housing Duly Powder Coated Finish

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