LED Signage

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Make the Right Impression

Right signage is specialist in custom LED Sign Board, which when combined with our expertise in graphic display, creates some truly eye-catching LED signage solutions. Utilising our manufacturing skills, we provide different signage options that are designed to perfectly match your branding.

However, with a commitment to meeting the needs of our retail customers is at the heart of everything we do, it’s not just what we do that makes us unique, it’s also the way we do it.

LED letter signs are high-profile, professional-looking and easy to read. They are also referred to as 3-D or three dimensional letter signs. They are used by many businesses, retail shop professional offices and medical and restaurants, institutions incorporating their logos in the sign to reinforce their brand image.

LED letters are internally illuminated, easy to read in the day or night and upscale in appearance. They allow for creativity in presenting the business brand to effectively draw the attention of potential customers.

Right Signage’s experienced designers and fabricators have provided New Indian businesses with signage featuring LED letters that are truly appealing, decorative, and distinctive. Our team can make your brand stand out and your name even more memorable.

Whether you already know what type of illuminated sign is appropriate for your company and are looking for a quote or would prefer to have Right Signage help you create a custom sign, please contact us.

Standing out from the crowd is something all businesses want to do. Illuminated lettering is attention-grabbing, while illuminated cabinet signs are budget-friendly and highly customizable, High image quality, Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, Can quickly convey information to customers and passerby. Country clubs, hospitals, bars, restaurants, movie theaters and shopping malls and plazas can all benefit from a beautifully lit sign.

Our clients have had excellent success with LED letters that combine with box cabinets. These cabinets can take on the shape of your logo or feature as an elongated box that displays your tagline. Doing so supports brand awareness and name recognition.

Lighted signage is the best solution for attracting business throughout the day and well into the evening hours. With a lighted sign, your message, business name, and logo can be transmitted across the distance, increasing visibility and brand recognition.