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Acrylic Signage

Acrylic Signage the most effective option in signage today. They’re waterproof and weatherproof, made from high-quality cast acrylic, with a classy finish. Acrylic Signs are manufactured in variations of lit-friendly, opaque, transparent, laser -cut and router-cut.  Cast Acrylic as a material allows light to permeate and hence is used innovatively in signage for light effects like smooth, smudge, block and clear.

Acrylic signs are available in many colors mostly in white and clear, and with different thickness. Our clear acrylic signage are made from a cast acrylic that’s also transparent, colorless, durable and light-weight is a perfect substitute for traditional glass. Though it acts as a substitute of glass, acrylic is far more lightweight and can be slightly bent without breaking.

Because of their depth, clarity and beauty they are often used as reception, directional, and architectural signage.

Acrylic signs can be used as rigid substrates for attaching acrylic or vinyl lettering or print films like opaque and clear window decals.

Acrylic signage is excellent option for a simple yet beautiful look for any office, business, or professional setting. They are 100% customizable, premium look and one of the best ways to showcase your logo or brand.

Acrylic signs can be used in a variety of ways. The most common uses include internal signage in office settings including room plaque and number signs, reception areas, building directories etc. Acrylic signs are also often used for exterior purposes including door signs, business signage in commercial business parks and entrance signs. They also look great in professional service settings such as IT, dentist, doctor, lawyer and accountant’s offices due to their aesthetic appeal and professional look.

First impressions are key, so your business, office, reception, works space should always look its best. A method to create a polished, professional, cohesive look is to welcome your guests, clients, customers, or visitors with eye-catching acrylic signs. Visually appealing, acrylic signs can be a best marketing tool for your company / business or conveying your custom message. Whether you’re promoting your brand, displaying a company logo, or distinguishing rooms or offices, acrylic signage are an excellent option.

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